Meet our Community Correspondents


Our correspondents enjoying lunch

Our correspondents enjoying lunch and having a chat

We welcome anyone who has something to say about mental health and wellbeing to get on board and share their ideas through Mind Waves.

Some of our Community Correspondents choose to be anonymous and that’s absolutely fine with us. But some are happy to share their details. Here’s what you can expect from them:

Marilena Balagianni

Emma Goodlad

John Dane

Laura McGlinn

Andrea O’Rourke

Maureen Gilmour

Ann Marie Sharpe

Robert Terry

Paula McGuire

Fuad Alakbarov

Emily McCurrie

Peter Leckie

Emma Joanne Wilson

Tony Rea

Pru Davies

Lorna Cosh

Jane Chisholm

Martin Daley

Kim Greenwell

Sofia Ghani

Derek Read

Edward Davies