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An ode to Christmas haters

Yes, we know it’s only November, but our  Community Correspondent Tony Rea doesn’t care Grumpy{short version hee hee} Have you ever noticed that a Christmas hater is a bit like a cheeky waiter or a happy faker? Ever noticed how they dull the Festive cheer with a “I hate this time of year.”? How many […]

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I love being a volunteer. It gives me hope, it’s brilliant

A post from our Community Correspondent Laura McGlinn @stargazer1210 I love my work has a volunteer, simple as that. I love chipping in and working hard and the skills I’m being rewarded with are just outstanding! Bear Laura Grylls is my Tuesday name lol! What have I learned through various volunteer posts? For a start I’m […]

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Single parents respond to I, Daniel Blake

@PlanetMarissa compiled single parents’ reaction to ‘I, Daniel Blake  Those of us who have had experience of claiming benefits understand only too well how difficult it can be to negotiate the system. In our Mind Waves Community Correspondent meetings, we frequently talk about the challenges of being unable to work, the stigma of claiming benefits […]

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Tempus Fugit- time flies #SMHAFF10 @stargazer1210

A post from our Community Correspondent Laura McGlinn about her involvement in #SMHAFF Time is something that makes you think, more so at this time of year. Looking back and looking forward, clocks changing. Its all relevant in our life’s. Tick Tock ,Tick Tock! Recently I learned about the meaning of Chime another sound but […]

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