Meet our Community Correspondents: Edward Davies

Where are you from?
I’m based in Glasgow, but from Aberdeen
Why do you care about mental health and wellbeing? 
Mental wellbeing is an issue close to me which I have witnessed and experienced first hand. It is something that has been misunderstood and looked down on for too long.
What can we expect from you?
My blogs will consist of personal thoughts and experiences as well as opinion on certain elements of mental health.
What makes you feel good?
Being recognised and feeling part of something.
What makes you angry?
When I am talked down to or feel left out or alone.
What do you wish people knew about mental health?
People need to know mental illness is very real and is far more sensitive than people perceive.


Edward’s posts:

Resilience isn’t looking on the bright side; it’s telling your demons to take a hike

How I deal with the stigma surrounding mental health

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