Meet our Community Correspondents: Marilena Balagianni


Where are you from/ where do you live?
I am originally from Athens , Greece but I now live in heart-warming Glasgow.

Why are you interested in wellbeing?
Who is not interested in ameliorating his/her life? The thing is to understand that everything is manageable and changeable. I would like to reach out to others promoting  that anyone can have a healthier lifestyle if he/she takes the necessary steps .

What makes you feel good?
Countless things To name a few: dogs, positive people, hugs, naps, cooking, dancing, singing, being creative, meditating, being mindful working out, writing, yoga, contribution and having a positive mindset- and the acceptance of negative feelings as it is quite empowering.

What makes you angry?
Unnecessary negativity, my M from your blogs?
A small reflection of the way I perceive the world. A balance between practical and ideological perspective of mental health.

Marilena’s posts:

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