‘For some of us, it’s literally one day at a time’ – Mind Waves launches the second of three animations exploring the stigma of severe and enduring mental illness

The second animation that was created with our funding from See Me Scotland is available to watch on YouTube now. Click here to watch the animation. We were awarded this funding by See Me Scotland’s anti-stigma arts fund back in April of 2021 and you can click here to read the blog post announcing this funding.

This animation, titled ‘For some of us, it’s literally one day at a time’ is made up of a reading of our community correspondent Angela McCrimmon’s wonderful poem of the same name.

This is the second of three animations created with this funding, and they were co-produced by our Community Correspondents and our partner Third Sector Lab. The animations explore the lived experience of people experiencing stigma due to what is sometimes referred to as ‘severe and enduring mental illness’.

With the launch of the first animation, which you can watch here, we began collecting data from our Instagram followers about stigma and mental health. With this data, we released a series of blog posts called ‘Collating your responses’ where we shared your anonymous responses to a series of questions including ‘why do you think some mental illnesses are more stigmatised than others?’ Read the first blog post in this series by clicking here.

To mark the launch of this animation, we want to hear from you again. Angela’s poem is a perfect example of using creative forms to explore stigmatised aspects of mental health. Over the next few weeks, along with launching the third and final animation in the series, we want to spotlight some of your poems, photographs or other creative forms that deal with mental health. If you’re interested in having some of your work shared on the blog, please get in touch at maddy@mindwavesnews.com or on any of our social media channels; our Twitter is @MindWaves1 and our Instagram handle is @mindwaves_scot

It seems fitting to end this post with the final few lines of Angela’s poem. Her words are below.

“I haven’t lost my hope / that with a little gentle education / you’d see the person not the illness / and we’d feel no segregation.”


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