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My Dad: a heartwarming post from @hippychick1987

A post from our Community Correspondent Ann Marie Sharpe @hippychick1987 My dad is an amazing person: He is so intelligent, hard working, caring, kind, generous and loving. Although we don’t make small talk a lot, he has always been there to talk to and support me when its important, and I know he always will […]

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My job makes me feel good

A post from one of our Community Correspondents My name is David. I am 34 and I have cerebral  palsy. I am a good walker but I have learning difficulties. I came from Ireland when I was 12 to live with my grand mother after the death of my mother.  My father was unable to take care of […]

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Depression, unemployment and hope

From one of our Community Correspondents I want to talk about two things that affect me; depression and unemployment, or unemployment and depression. For the third year running I’ve found myself unemployed at the same time of year. I was first diagnosed with depression after losing my job, and it’s hit me after every job […]

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