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Women’s histories in Glasgow’s place names

There are hundred, thousands  of streets and buildings in Glasgow. Most are named after white men. Many after somewhat dubious characters who profited from slaving. There are streets named after lightweight and stylish fabrics, like Muslin Street. But women… not so much. If you exclude those named for queens, very few tell women’s stories. Here’s […]

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How can we make Glasgow’s communities suicide safer?

A guest post from Carolyn Wood about her work on how we can reduce the risk of suicide in our communities What do you think would make your community suicide safer? After a good few months of consulting with communities, going through all the stories and then pulling out the top 7 priority areas for suicide […]

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Meet our Community Correspondents: Marilena Balagianni

Where are you from/ where do you live? I am originally from Athens , Greece but I now live in heart-warming Glasgow. Why are you interested in wellbeing? Who is not interested in ameliorating his/her life? The thing is to understand that everything is manageable and changeable. I would like to reach out to others […]

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