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‘The worst thing about stigma is not being able to celebrate’ – why we hide good days as well as bad when it comes to mental illness.

A post by our Project Assistant, Marie. I recently had a diagnosis of an unusual type of migraine. After weeks of strange symptoms, pain, inconvenience, misdiagnosis and worry, I was so relieved to have an answer and a way forward. I was straight on the phone to some family and friends sharing my happiness about […]

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How can we address body shame and weight stigma? Health and Social Care Academy hosting workshop on Thursday 19th September

Join the Alliance’s Health and Social Care Academy to discuss how services can promote health and body respect for all. The Academy is encouraging people and organisations to explore negative attitudes towards our own and others weight. These attitudes can lead to prejudice and poorer health, making weight stigma a public health concern. Their event […]

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If we really want to connect with teenagers about their mental health, let’s stop stereotyping them

As part of our ‘connections’ theme Marie talks about the importance of taking young people’s mental health seriously, no matter how they choose to communicate about it. Scottish actor and comedian Karen Dunbar spoke at the TED X conference in Glasgow last weekend and one particular quote from her talk was celebrated widely on social […]

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Lanarkshire Tackles Mental Health Stigma Head On

From 26 to 29 September Hairmyres Hospital in partnership with See Me is hosting a series of events designed to tackle mental health stigma in a health and social care setting. To date the work of Lanarkshire Recovery Network has attracted over 500 pledges of support across the county’s from NHS units, community groups, churches, […]

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It’s time to say goodbye to the myth of Blue Monday

A re-post from our Project Manager Rosie McIntosh @rosiehopes It’s become  tradition to fear “Blue Monday”, the third Monday of January, which apparently is the most depressing day of the year. Once again the media is full of stories about why it is so depressing.  It makes sense.  Over Christmas we’ve spent all our money, gained […]

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Join the #MentalHealthTimeOut twitter chat on July 26

12.30-1.30 – July 26 #MentalHealthTimeOut There’s been a lot of talk about mental health in the workplace here in Scotland, with campaigns such as See Me recently shining more light on the subject through their recent “The Power of Okay” film. If you work or volunteer in the third sector you’ll know that charities and […]

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