Meet our Community Correspondents: Peter Leckie

Community Correspondent Peter Leckie


Where are you from?
The East End of Glasgow.

Why do you care about mental wellbeing?
I have a mental health problem myself, that’s why I care about mental health. I was cynical about it before, but now I know it’s real, it’s what I care about.

What can we expect from your blogs?
I’d say the main thing you can expect is empathy. I’ll mostly be posting videos, letting you know my views. I want to put a bit of fun into it.

What makes you feel good?
Being with people who are not judgemental. I really feel that being mentally ill has made some good things happen for me. It’s changed my outlook and my perspective.

What makes you angry?

We’re always looking for new community correspondents, find out more about getting involved here.

Peter’s posts

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