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Community Correspondent Lorna Cosh

Voicing my opinions helps me avoid dark thoughts

Community Correspondent Lorna Cosh explains how she has benefited from being involved with Mind Waves When Rosie first told us about Mind Waves, I wondered what it was all about. I still couldn’t stop thinking that someone was going to stick sensors on my head to measure my brainwaves! But when the Community Correspondents get […]

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Tidy minds: housework and mental wellbeing

  A post from our Project Manager,  @rosiehopes It feels pretty intuitive to me that there’s a relationship between the space inside your head and the space outside it. I know I’m happier and more productive if I spend most of my time in a tidy-ish, bright place. Maggies cancer caring centres famously use beautiful […]

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My wellbeing, my future. Creative competition

  If there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the years at Mind Waves, it’s that we all need different things to be mentally well. And if there’s two things we’ve learned, the other is that being creative can make a big difference for a lot of people. So, we are interested to see that […]

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What are the parties saying about mental health?

A guest post from Andrew Strong, Policy and Information Manager at the Health and Social Care Alliance @ALLIANCEScot My role at the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) involves discussing and briefing politicians from all of the main political parties on the issues affecting the lives of disabled people and people who live […]

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