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Risk Assessment – by Robert Terry

A new post from community correspondent Robert Terry on the theme of Risk. A sense of risk underestimated Risk ignoring your senses The risk of self-deception Risk always at large Minimise your risk of being alone What’s the risk of being happy Challenge taboos & risk ruination Risk upsetting the status quo Risk inciting the […]

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Risky Business – A Poem by Angela

Read a new poem on the theme of Risk from community correspondent Angela McCrimmon We’re too afraid to take a risk for fear that we might fail, We refuse to jump onboard too afraid we might derail, We seem to live our lives with only half a heart, We feel the negativity before we even […]

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Progression Through Risk

This is a post on the current theme of risk from community correspondent Marilena. As an overprotected, only-child coming from a Greek family, I am not sure that I am the right person to speak about taking risks. I was never really encouraged to take risks in life and many times the outcomes were at […]

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Six Risks Worth Taking

A post on our latest Mind Waves theme of risk. Life is a series of calculated risks. No matter what we do from getting up in the morning to laying down at night, every decision we make has a risk attached. Some of these risks are smaller than others, and I guess the number and […]

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Graded Exposure to Risk

A post from our Community Correspondent Maureen Gilmour I was thinking about the theme of risk on the way home from our Mind Waves Community Correspondent meeting. We talked about the subject during our meeting and I was surprised that my initial thought was of risk assessment that I did as a part of my […]

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Our next blogging theme: friendship

It’s when things get tough that you realise who your friends are. There’s no doubt that our relationships have a massive impact on our mental wellbeing. We want to hear about your stories and perspectives on friendship and wellbeing. Here are some ideas: Maybe you have a special friend who helped you through a tough […]

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Mental wellbeing and journeys: what’s your story?

Life is a journey, or so they say. Probably more interestingly, it’s made up of lots of little journeys. So, our Community Correspondents have decided that the next Mind Waves theme is just that: journeys. We want to know about how that relates to your mental wellbeing. Here’s a few ideas to get you started, […]

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