Finding Equanimity amidst Change – Laura’s Story

This week we’re handing the reigns to our community correspondent, Laura. She’s talking about her relationship with the word ‘equanimity’ and facing big emotions. Her words and pictures are below. I’ve always had a love of words and their meanings, but I’ve never  found a word that has helped my mindset and progress in my […]

New Mind Waves podcast episode on mental health and social media! Part 1: Luke, Amy and Hannah from Glasgow Disability Alliance

Great news! There’s a new episode of the Mind Waves podcast out. Our fabulous intern Rosie chats to Luke, Hannah and Amy of the Glasgow Disability Alliance, Dr Heather Cleland Woods from Glasgow University and Jennie Walker from the Mental Health Foundation. The episode focuses on mental health and social media and over the next few weeks […]

A ‘resilient’ poem from our Community Correspondent, Angela

This week on the blog, we’re happy to be sharing a wonderful poem written by Angela, one of our Community Correspondents, on the theme of resilience. Her piece is shared below. You say “You’re so resilient” but I wish that you could see, My “resilience” is a symptom of my PTSD, Each time I fall, […]

Ten years of making waves – ‘It takes a village’

This week, to round off our reflections on ten years of Mind Waves, we have one of our community correspondents Laura, who shared some words and photos with us about her experience with Mind Waves over the years. Her words and pictures are below. Something that I keep hearing is it takes a village to […]

Scottish Recovery Network opens booking for two online events!

Hi everybody! Coming to you this week to draw your attention to two online discussion events that are being held by the Scottish Recovery Network. The Scottish Recovery Network is a valued partner of Mind Waves that seek to build a mental health system powered by lived experience and work towards making Scotland a place […]

Ten Years of Making Waves – The Story of Mind Waves

Hi everyone! Tuesday the 21st of September marked the 10 year anniversary of the founding of Mind Waves. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some stories of how Mind Waves has impacted people’s lives and reflecting on the ever-changing relationship of technology and mental health. To start us off, we have a post […]