A day at #TheFutureIsPeer with Scottish Recovery Network

  On the 28th February, Mind Waves were lucky enough to attend The Future is Peer, a full-day event organised by Scottish Recovery Network put on to showcase the positive impact of peer support in Scotland. In this post, we’ll be reflecting on the day, sharing some pictures from the event, and giving you some […]

Can’t Wait! by Laura

This week on the blog we have a piece from long-term Mind Waver, Laura. This is such a relatable one about the worries that can accompany ‘going out’, and the fear and negative thoughts that are all too common when you live with social anxiety. I wanted to share and see if anyone else does this, […]

6 months of Open Mic events at the Dream Machine!

On the last Monday of January, we held our final open mic event at the Dream Machine, using funding from their Betty McAllister Award. We’ve held six of these events over the last six months, and heard a myriad of tunes, poems and party pieces from the Mind Wavers. We thought it would be nice […]

New year, new me: helpful or harmful? A reshare

We’re revisiting some of our old blog posts this January. With the cold, dreary weather, the pressure of new year’s resolutions, and the myth of Blue Monday, January is tough . Be kind to yourself – and have a read. This post was originally uploaded January 13th 2023. We’re almost halfway through January now, and I’m […]

The myth of Blue Monday – a reshare

This week, we’re continuing a sort of Mind Waves ‘tradition’ of posting about Blue Monday. But instead of writing something new, we’re re-sharing a post from our Project Manager @rosiehopes first published in 2021. Even though three years have passed, and it’s been eight years since Rosie first wrote about the myth of Blue Monday, her words […]

Highlights from 2023 – A festive round up!

As the end of the year approaches, we thought that we’d share some of Mind Waves’ highlights from 2023.  1. At the beginning of the year, we designed a student mental health campaign for Think Positive. The campaign was called #HelpingStudentsThrive. We made an animation for them that you can watch here. We also facilitated […]

How to turn a bad day around

We’ve all been there. Sometimes, you wake up and you just know it’s going to be a bad day. Or maybe things started off okay, and then due to bad news, low energy levels, or maybe just a classic bad mood, the day turns sour. It’s really easy to let a bad day catch hold […]

What we offer at Mind Waves

We’ve had an influx of new subscribers and viewers over our online channels recently and that coupled with some changes here at Mind Waves means we’re well overdue an update of the services we offer here at the charity! We run workshops, do digital consultancy work for other organisations, help make workplaces more accessible… you […]