Then Stigma Comes Along – our new blog theme

For the next month we will be focussing on the theme of stigma on the Mind Waves blog and our social media content. This is inspired by many of the conversations that arose during Mental Health Awareness Week, with many campaigners, organisations and individuals highlighting how much still needs to be done about the stigma […]

We are Mind Waves – an introduction

Welcome to Mind Waves! Today we are simply sharing a little introduction to what we do. We are Mind Waves , a small peer-led Glasgow based charity with a big imagination and even bigger heart! We use creative arts and digital storytelling to share experiences and insights into mental health and wellbeing. Mind Waves is […]

Wild – a piece of creative non-fiction from Lynn

Today we are re-publishing a  beautiful and poignant piece of writing from Ayrshire based writer, artist and education Lynn Blair.  We thought this was something a bit unique to tie in the Mental Health Awareness Week theme of “movement” and it was clearly a favourite with many  when first published on the blog.  Lynn Blair […]

Earth Day 2024 – Laura on mindfully bringing nature indoors

This week on the blog, we are re-posting some very fitting words for Earth Day 2024.  Laura, a longstanding Mind Waves Community Correspondent, is our resident expert on all things mindfulness and enjoying the small things in life.  Enjoy!  Feeling comfortable in our environment has never been so important. Looking after our mental health and […]

A day at #TheFutureIsPeer with Scottish Recovery Network

  On the 28th February, Mind Waves were lucky enough to attend The Future is Peer, a full-day event organised by Scottish Recovery Network put on to showcase the positive impact of peer support in Scotland. In this post, we’ll be reflecting on the day, sharing some pictures from the event, and giving you some […]

Can’t Wait! by Laura

This week on the blog we have a piece from long-term Mind Waver, Laura. This is such a relatable one about the worries that can accompany ‘going out’, and the fear and negative thoughts that are all too common when you live with social anxiety. I wanted to share and see if anyone else does this, […]

6 months of Open Mic events at the Dream Machine!

On the last Monday of January, we held our final open mic event at the Dream Machine, using funding from their Betty McAllister Award. We’ve held six of these events over the last six months, and heard a myriad of tunes, poems and party pieces from the Mind Wavers. We thought it would be nice […]