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Self-care: corporate scam or political act?

This week, we’re taking a look at the concept of self-care and the ways that its definition has changed since the words inception.  The concept of self-care originated in the 1950s among the medical community. The concept of person-centred care was becoming popular in medicine, and medical staff began to think about ways to improve […]

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Staying positive during the winter months: Tips for winter wellness from Hilda

This week on the blog we’re continuing to share tips and stories around looking after your mental health in the winter. We have some words from Hilda, one of our longtime Community Correspondents and chief executive of COPE Scotland. She talks about the negative effects of the clocks changing, the difficulty of finding words to articulate these […]

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Treating Health Anxiety – Step 1: Asking for help

This week we’re handing the reins over to our community correspondent Ellen. You might remember her brilliant post a few weeks ago about healthy anxiety and the related struggles. Here, Ellen talks about seeking help for health anxiety and outlines her experience in the hope that it might inspire someone else to do the same […]

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