Visual poems from Derek!

This week on the blog we’re showcasing art from our talented ‘Waver’s’. Here’s some visual poems by Derek! Keep an eye out for details of our rescheduled Community Fundraiser gig, where you’ll have a chance to watch Derek perform some of his wonderful poems.

Poem 1 transcript: Out in filling the lungs/eyes closed just being/Deep in rest/Deep in Self

Poem 2 transcript: As the leaves fall I let/go of my obstacles to/growth – what doesn’t work/for me what doesn’t feed my/soul – looking at things anew/clearing the path/unearthing the treasures within

One Response to Visual poems from Derek!

  1. Laura McGlinn November 30, 2023 at 4:57 pm #

    Derek love these visual poems.You have a talent of taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.

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