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Mindfulness resources from COPE Scotland

This week on the blog we’re sharing some links to some mindfulness resources from COPE Scotland. At our climate cafe last month, Hilda led the group in a few mindfulness exercises before the session, and they were really useful in making everyone feel grounded and calm before the cafe. Mind Waves reached out to Hilda […]

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Staying positive during the winter months

I thought that this week on the blog it might be useful to share some ways to stay positive during the darker and colder months. Winter can be a hard time for a lot of people due to lack of sunlight and lower temperatures, and despite an unusually warm November, I think it’s time for […]

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Laura’s memorial for Thich Nhat Hanh

This week we have another blog post from our Community Correspondent, Laura. Read on for her thoughts on the passing of Thich Nhat Hanh, a man often referred to as the Godfather of Mindfulness.  To set the scene, I wrote this blog while listening to Home Spa on a Sunday night. My partner is at my […]

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We’ve got a new theme: Endurance!

Hello everyone! A very exciting blog post for you all today. Mind Waves has a new content theme for Summer 2021 – ‘Endurance’! The past year has been filled with uncertainty and change. Although there is light at the end of the tunnel, the difficulties of the past year are by no means gone. We […]

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Introducing the new Digital Media Intern!

Hi! It’s Maddy here, the new Digital Media intern for Mind Waves. I’ll be running the social media accounts at Mind Waves and writing blog posts to update you all on positive mental health news whilst also sharing the personal stories of our wonderful Community Correspondents. I feel very lucky to have been chosen for […]

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‘Let’s Make Glasgow Healthy’ event this Saturday 13th October – mindfulness for the whole community

Lets Make Glasgow Healthy is a completely FREE workshop focussing on both physical and mental wellbeing! Join mindfulness expert Kay Young and her team this Saturday 13th October from 1-4pm to learn helpful ways to feel better and improve your overall health. We have all the information you need to get involved, including booking details, […]

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‘Well rehearsed chapters of change’ – Maureen reflects on seasons and time

A post from our Community Correspondent Maureen Gilmour, accompanied by her season themed zine. I sit alone and watch the sunbeams dance slowly across the walls, followed by the shadows of twilight and then the darkness of night; that quiet blanket of stillness that descends. Sunrise approaches and so begins another day. Each day, 24 […]

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Even though the same things happen each year, they seem to arrive out of the blue like an unexpected guest – why the meaning of autumn is in the small details

Our project assistant Marie reflects on how getting things in perspective might be as simple as taking a look around. Around this time every year I am, without exception, caught unaware by seasonal changes. Just as I was leaving the house yesterday I was struck by how chilly it was and had to go back […]

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Join Mindwaves for a mindfulness and storytelling workshop on Thursday 12th July

We are delighted to be hosting this free workshop which takes place in Glasgow on Thursday 12th July from 1.30-4.30pm . It is open to anyone who has an interest in mental health, whether you have lived experience, you are a carer or your work is related to wellbeing. The session will be an opportunity […]

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