Calling All Feminist Bloggers

Mark your calendars and get your blogging brains geared up and ready to go, because Young Women’s Movement Scotland is holding its first Feminist Blogging Network meet-up on Saturday 2 September. For an afternoon of workshops and chat in a fun, feminist, creative space, come along and meet the other awesome bloggers and would-be bloggers of The Young Women’s Movement. Could there be a better way […]

Join the SAMH Stomp

SAMH is holding a completely unique fundraising challenge on 7 October at Murrayfield Stadium. The SAMH Stomp is stair climbing challenge. An opportunity to push yourself physically in one of two routes around the stadium. There is the regular Stomp covering 4,200 stairs, or if you really want to push yourself there is the Extreme […]

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Me – the Video

A few months back community correspondent Laura McGlinn posted a lovely poem entitled Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Me. This Summer, for the Alliance Creative Competition, Laura produced a video recital of her poem that she is delighted to share with us.

Clever Design to Help You Find the Words You Mean

Art seems to be a recurring theme for me these last few months. Personally I’ve always been interested in art. As there is an increasing awareness of mental wellbeing issues in the press, and elsewhere, I guess the stories relating to how art plays a part in recovery really stand out to me. So far […]

Can just looking at a photo change your mood? Let @projectsoothe know

Most of us live in a world of social media, flicking through instagram shots and uploading snaps we’ve taken on our phones. But what’s the impact on our mental wellbeing? Can just looking at a picture make you feel different? Can it soothe you, excite you or make you nervous? The people at Project Soothe at […]

“The only thing constant is change”

A post from our Community Correspondent Maureen Gilmour Someone once told me “the only thing constant is change” Nothing ever stays the same for long, but to go from one extreme to the other is quite a dramatic change. I was once at one time a capable, confident, able employee who thought nothing of giving […]

Do you know a #SelfManagement hero? Get your nominations in before August 2

It’s that time of year again: time to celebrate all the individuals, services and teams that support self-management  in Scotland. At Mind Waves, we know how important it is to be in control of managing your own life and conditions. The Self Management Awards are your chance to nominate someone who inspires you, a service […]

Hands Off, It’s My Home

Our friends at Open Future Learning shared an awesome music video they produced. It’s called Hands Off, It’s My Home – one of the best descriptions of self-directed support we’ve seen! Enjoy 🙂  

Share Your Journey – Future Pathways Creative Showcase

This September is the first anniversary of Future Pathways, an organisation that supports people in Scotland who have experienced abuse while in care as a child. To celebrate their first birthday, Future Pathways want to celebrate the creativity of the people they serve. The My Journey creative showcase is an opportunity for people affected by […]

Celebrating My Independence

As you will know America recently celebrated their US Independence Day, probably the biggest public holiday’s in the US next to Thanksgiving. My family are American, so I’ve celebrated a few Independence Days and I know how important it is for Americans. As you probably know it’s a celebration of the US declaring itself an […]