“There is never a time to put away childish things…my shed is a tiny place to play in” – Lynn tells us why everyone needs a den

We are very excited to present this guest post by Lynn Blair, lecturer and writer who home-educates four girls. She has been published in numerous anthologies by the Scottish Book Trust and Mother’s Milk books. On Twitter she’s @verbisan and on Instagram @verbisanpix. The sun’s setting and I’m just beginning my work. I can hear […]

pencil and paper

Get the slides from our blogging and mental wellbeing workshop

Our latest free skills workshop was about blogging and mental wellbeing. It was fantastic to meet all the participants and we’ve been super-impressed to see that a couple have already been putting what they learned on the day into practice and have become published bloggers. Go you! Whether you were there or not, you might […]

Top tips for blogging about mental well-being

Slideshow 8 on Biteable. Last week we hosted our ‘Blogging about mental well-being’ workshop in Glasgow.  Our participants came from a wide range of backgrounds, with some attending on behalf of their organisation and others wishing to write in a personal capacity. It was great to hear from Community Correspondent Emma Goodlad  about the impact […]

Get the slides from our video and mental wellbeing workshop

Last week we held a free video and mental wellbeing workshop at the Health and Social Care Alliance. It was great to meet everyone who came along – we’re really excited to see the videos that they all come up with. Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it along on the day. Here are all […]

Why I love #boringselfcare

A guest post by Marie Gallagher (@FuzzyPeachGirl)  I recently came across Boring Self Care on Twitter and, delighted by the illustrations,  started folllowing the Instagram account of artist and mental health activist, Hannah Daisy (@makedaisychains). Hannah draws activity badges which take me back to my days as a Brownie Guide but thankfully, for these ones, […]

Get involved in Caring Conversations this May

SMHAF Renfrewshire is hosting the ‘Creative Conversations’ launch on Tuesday May 8th from 1-2pm  – an interactive creative showcase including some inspiring poetry performances as well as talks from key partner organisations See Me and Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival. Most importantly there will also be a guided tour of the much anticipated Caring Conversations […]

My friend, grief

We are very proud to share this guest post by book blogger @kathmeista, reflecting on her personal experience of losing someone close to her.  This poem was originally published on her personal blog www.kathmeista.blogspot.co.uk  We’ve met a few times before, grief and I. Sometimes, it’s been a passing hello on the street. Occasionally, it’s been […]

Could a universal basic income make for a fairer Scotland?

Recently, a few of our Community Correspondents attended a screening of the Free Lunch Society: a film about the Universal Basic Income. The idea behind the film is that giving everyone a basic income, whether they are in employment or not, could lead to a fairer and more creative country. There was a mixed response from […]