Treating Health Anxiety – Step 1: Asking for help

This week we’re handing the reins over to our community correspondent Ellen. You might remember her brilliant post a few weeks ago about healthy anxiety and the related struggles. Here, Ellen talks about seeking help for health anxiety and outlines her experience in the hope that it might inspire someone else to do the same […]

Endurance: Finding love during lockdown.

This weeks blog post was written by our wonderful community correspondent Maureen for our current content theme of Endurance. Her words are below. Four months ago I decided it was time to get myself back out there onto the dating game. Having discussed this with my daughter we decided that the best way forward, given […]

New episode of Mind Waves podcast: Exercise and Endurance

Hi everybody! Big news over here: the Mind Waves podcast is back! In keeping with our current content theme this episode is about endurance and exercise. Our intern Rosie chats with author Helen Douglas, Rachel Hoyes and Rebecca Strodton from TVC, and psychotherapist and yoga teacher Elizabeth Walsh about their experience of long term exercise […]

Collating your responses: The Round Up

About a month ago, I decided to ask the followers of Mind Waves’ Instagram account some questions and use the responses to write a series of blog posts. For each post, I posted a poll with an option to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Then I posted a question box with the prompt ‘Tell me more’. […]

Food and mental health. Collating your responses part 2!

Hey readers, it’s Maddy here again! After last weeks blog post on exercise and mental health, I was keen to do another collaborative blog post with the Mind Waves Instagram followers. First of all, I would like to say thank you for your eloquent and honest responses. I feel lucky to have a job where […]

Does exercise help your mental health? Collating your responses part 1!

Hi everybody- Maddy here, the digital media intern for Mind Waves. Earlier this week I posted some Instagram stories and polls asking Mind Waves’ followers to share their feelings on the relationship between mental health and exercise. First of all, I posted a poll with the question ‘Does exercise help your mental health?’ with the […]

dates-n-mates: A charity project supporting love and friendship!

Mind Waves sat down for a chat with John Paul Moffat, the national director of dates-n-mates Scotland; a Scottish charity project that supports love and friendship for adults with learning disabilities. John Paul tells me: “The charity offers a well needed space for people to come out of their shells, make friends and connect.” Research […]

We’ve got a new theme: Endurance!

Hello everyone! A very exciting blog post for you all today. Mind Waves has a new content theme for Summer 2021 – ‘Endurance’! The past year has been filled with uncertainty and change. Although there is light at the end of the tunnel, the difficulties of the past year are by no means gone. We […]