‘It is evening’ – a film about leaving your country behind by young people from Central and West Integration Network

It was an absolute privilege to work with the children and young people at Central and West Integration Network, helping them to make some animations about their lives. We’ll be sharing their creations as part of our age and wellbeing series over the next few weeks. Their first film is simple but hugely powerful, showing […]

“I laughed and cried the whole way through” – the books which are good for our mental health

On World Book Day we asked which books were good for your mental health, now or at particular times of your life. The passionate responses from our volunteers and followers definitely made us want to clear some space on our bookshelves! Any book helps me with mental health, not one specifically….” -Ann-Marie Sharpe, Community Correspondent […]

Thinking about returning returning to education this year? @fuzzypeachgirl shares some advice and inspiration #ageandwellbeing #careersweek

A post by our Project Assistant Marie who started a full-time college course on her 36th birthday. You might be the oldest person there…but it’s ok! My main concern about returning to college was age. I worried about feeling isolated and sticking out like a sore thumb. As I’m studying in the creative arts I […]

“My inner self hasn’t changed much since then. I’m still trying to understand” – The Intuitive Gardener on age and wellbeing

A post from our Community Correspondent The Intuitive Gardener If I was offered a magic pill and go back to being sixteen, there’s no way I’d take it. Back then, I hated everything about myself. I remember feeling very confused and looking for answers in all the wrong places. In a way, my inner self […]

“Don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides” – Another animation from GAMH Young Carers

Our current Mind Waves theme is age and wellbeing and we were recently very lucky to work in partnership with GAMH Young Carers group. The young people spent some time exploring the things in life which help them to manage their mental health. We supported them to take the lead on making some animations to […]

“I would definitely take the gift of empathy to my 16 year old self. The financial and emotional issues I’ve experienced have made me more open-minded” #debtawarenessweek2019

Our project assistant Marie shares her own experience of debt and mental health as part of our Age and Wellbeing series. One question our volunteers and training participants have been considering as part of our latest theme is ‘if you could take a magic pill and go back to being 16 would you take it?‘ […]