Leaving friends behind for the sake of your mental wellbeing

  Our Community Correspondent Marilena Balagianni gives her perspective on friendship and mental wellbeing Friendship means the mutual liking and regard, the spiritual and emotional bond that connects two or more people. Trust, understanding , honesty, similar interests are essential components  of friendships. Friendship is considered something sacred and a very important relationship for most […]

Friendship is what you give as well as what you get

  At Mind Waves, we support each other. We tell stories, we listen, we share ideas. Officially, it’s called peer support. We just call it being pals. We’ve spoken a lot about how much we appreciate our friends and what they mean to us. But we also talk about how important it is to be […]

A good friend feels with you

  One of our Community Correspondents summed up friendship as this: “A good friend feels with you: hugs you when you’re sad, laughs when you’re happy and catches you when you fall.” The beauty is that it’s not about doing anything. Often, when a friend is struggling, we want to rush in and fix things. It’s hard […]

What you learn about #friendship when you have a mental health problem

At our Community Correspondent meeting this week, we had a long conversation about friendship and mental health. We talked about the friends who have seen us through tough times (many of whom were in the room), the ones who we realised weren’t worth the bother and the new pals we found along the way. We […]

What’s yer story pal?

If you’ve ever dealt with a professional who doesn’t quite “get it”, you’ll understand . Thanks to Tam Quixote for submitting this cutting poem   Self Manager   what’s yer story pal? you say yer touched by mine but only if funders are listenin at the time on the record, synthetic compassion, then back to […]

Women’s histories in Glasgow’s place names

There are hundred, thousands  of streets and buildings in Glasgow. Most are named after white men. Many after somewhat dubious characters who profited from slaving. There are streets named after lightweight and stylish fabrics, like Muslin Street. But women… not so much. If you exclude those named for queens, very few tell women’s stories. Here’s […]

In my madness

From our Community Correspondent Derek Read In my madness… In my madness I thought I had the solution all the pieces of the jigsaw fitted perfectly in my mind the codes, the magic numbers I was one with the Spirit could heal every wrong had the answer deep within me As I recovered, slowly, from […]