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13 Inspirational Songs from Marilena

Community correspondent Marilena loves music, and finds a lot of positive messages in her favourite songs.  She has created a mix-tape of 13 songs with interpretations of the positive life messages to be found in each.   Gratitude Thank U by Alanis Morissette My understanding and my interpretation is in relation to Alanis’ experience in […]

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Celebrating My Independence

As you will know America recently celebrated their US Independence Day, probably the biggest public holiday’s in the US next to Thanksgiving. My family are American, so I’ve celebrated a few Independence Days and I know how important it is for Americans. As you probably know it’s a celebration of the US declaring itself an […]

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Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Me

Since I was three CPTSD has truly affected me. Battling judgement, public shaming, whispers behind my back and not allowing me to see. Would truly trigger the suicide idealisation often in me. Out of the three definitely judging is the worst for me ,all stemming from my family tree. Words tripping out your mouth and […]

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What does building resilience mean? #childrensMHW

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week. Children’s mental health isn’t something that we talk that much about at Mind Waves. Our volunteers are adults and they tend to talk about their futures, rather than focusing on the past. However,  around half  of adults with mental health problems first experienced their symptoms as children, 75% before their […]

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“This tiny wee ant can lift something larger than himself for the good of his colony” Meet our resilience photo contest winners

  What is your name and where are you from? My names Denise Milligan.  I live in Glasgow Southside with my husband and two daughters. How long have you been interested in photography? I’ve been interested in photography most of my life, but only became really interested and got an SLR when I became ill […]

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“Resilience is more than an umbrella in the rain” – meet our photo competition winners

Meet John Richardson, from Eastbourne on the South Coast of England whose picture “between a rock, nothing is soft” won the best composition award in our resilience photo contest. How long have you been interested in photography? I’ve been fascinated with cameras and their capabilities since I was around 13. Why did you choose the […]

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