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Community Correspondent John Dane

I can’t believe I’m starting university

A post from our Community Correspondent John Dane What are goals? Not for me the twenty feet by eight feet goals of a football pitch, but the much more personal goals I have been able to see and achieve with the help and support of my wonderful support staff, all at my own pace. At […]

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What’s your dream? #SDSdream2015

A guest contribution from our friend Claire from @OTBCommunities We’re holding an event on March 4 to look at how self-directed support can work for people with mental health problems: Permission to Dream 2015. As part of the preparation, we have been thinking about our dreams and the things we would like to achieve with […]

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Reasons to be mindful #mindfulness

A few years ago, most people would have looked at you blankly if you’d mentioned mindfulness. The idea of meditation was associated with hippies and eastern religion, but in recent times it has entered the Scottish mainstream. Many people now talk about it as a simple and practical way of improving mental wellbeing- and more. […]

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LGBT History Month: resources for schools

              This month is LGBT History Month and we’re glad to see that there’s a focus on education. According to LGBT Youth,  as many as 40% young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender report having experienced mental illness. And 70% say that they’ve faced bullying and homophobic attitudes. […]

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5 ways to get through Valentine’s Day

  Do you know what? I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone who likes Valentine’s Day. If you’re single, you feel lonely.  If you’re in a relationship, you feel inadequate. If you’ve just broken up… don’t even think about it. Of course, your mental wellbeing can take a knock at any time of the […]

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How are you? I’m fine. A comic strip on the biggest lie we ever tell from @offwhitecoat

A comic strip from our Community Correspondent Emma Wilson @offwhitecoat who blogs at Nobody likes lying. And there’s certainly nothing about experiencing mental health problems that makes you more likely to be dishonest. But anyone who’s ever struggled with their mental health will understand why you might want to tell this one: “How are you?” […]

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