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Meet out Community Correspondents: Donald Hosie

            What’s your name and where are you from? Donald Hosie, from Glasgow Why are you interested in mental wellbeing? I have a history of depression. I’ve been looking for ways to make myself feel better. Moving  to my new house has helped. What can we expect from you? I’m […]

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I’m proud to speak out against stigma

A post from our Community Correspondent Holly McCormack @hollz2012 , who edits Mental Matters magazine I’ve been proud of many decisions that I’ve made in the last few years. It was important to me whilst at University to start doing something meaningful. Not just standing at a Saturday afternoon press conference, speaking to yet another […]

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The platter of pride

At our Mind Waves Community Correspondent meeting on Friday, we talked about what makes us proud. We each wrote what makes us proud on a post-it and an empty sandwich plate seemed as good a place as any to collect them in. What a beautiful accident that we ended up with a silver platter of […]

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Gone Girl

A review from our Community Correspondent Emily @caminosmem 5/5 General release, rating 18 I confess, I hadn’t read the book before seeing this film but having now seen it I’m glad I didn’t! The twists and turns within this film were gripping and I was excited that I didn’t know what was coming next. By […]

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Before I go to sleep

A review from our Community Correspondent Emily @caminosmem 4/5 – General release, rating 15 I was initially intrigued by this film due to the actors in it. I’ve always liked Nicole Kidman and who doesn’t like Colin Firth? The film didn’t let me down, the actors were great and Colin was great in his role. […]

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