Puppy power: fighting depression with pet therapy


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A recent academic study by Miami University found that pet-owners had higher levels of self-esteem and conscientiousness than non pet-owners, tended to be less lonely and less fearful, and were more extrovert and less preoccupied. Furthermore, there was no evidence that people’s relationships with their pets came at the expense of those they had with other people: pet owners were found to be just as close to key human figures in their lives as non owners.

Pets are not only used to treat serious problems; even someone looking for a little company can benefit from the companionship of a pet. If you feel that a pet can lift your spirits, visit your local animal shelter and consider rescuing a puppy or kitten. If you decide to adopt a pet, remember that you must take care of the pet and provide him with love and care. Every pet needs a comfy place to sleep, food at every meal, and sometimes daily exercise. It’s not always easy to train and care for an animal, but it is completely worth it!

Although pets have not been cited with healing depression, they have been praised for helping people cope with the disorder. They visit nursing homes and psychiatric wards and give the patients a chance to interact, cuddle, and play. Pets are still a responsibility, so anyone who wishes to adopt one must be willing to provide the dog or cat with love, care, and a safe home. Just having a companion to laugh with can make a huge difference on your mood.

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    Great and positive post.

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