“I can’t help but smile when I’m bouncing” – how trampolining, among other things, supports @XCharlotteFoxX in her recovery

We’re proud to present a guest post from mental health advocate and blogger Charlotte Underwood (@XCharlotteFoxX)

charlotte underwood

Mental health recovery is not something that you can cure over-night, in fact I am not sure that there is a cure, however I do know that it can be managed. It’s a day to day battle for most of us, not knowing what each day will bring and just trying to get through each day with as much ease as possible.

There was a time when I did not manage my mental health very well, I did fester in it and sadly it almost cost me my life, however it did also push me to seek help and get on the road to a better and more fruitful life.

I started just by seeking help from my GP, we found medication which helped, after learning that there is no shame in taking medication, I now see my GP monthly to monitor my mood; it’s good to know that there is someone looking out for you. This year I shall be starting a range of therapy to help me understand myself better, I am so excited as I am not longer ashamed of who I am, I just want to be the best version of myself now, without the limits I set myself.

Each day usually starts the same, I let myself wake up naturally and I take my time to get out of bed, I’m not able to work so I get to take it easier, which I know is a luxury. I like to have a good cup of coffee and eat breakfast, then make sure I take all my medication and vitamins. I’ll wash my face and brush my hair as it just makes me feel a bit more together. I’ll likely clean throughout the day, especially if I get a bit bored or upset and then I will make sure to write something and spend some time on my trampoline; I can’t help but smile when bouncing. It’s a very simple life but it is also a routine where I am productive and working towards my future and because of this, I have less time to fester in my thoughts, I feel good in the reward of getting things done; I’m now a year clean of self-harm and 3 years clean from smoking and drinking.


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