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Our next blogging theme: friendship

It’s when things get tough that you realise who your friends are. There’s no doubt that our relationships have a massive impact on our mental wellbeing. We want to hear about your stories and perspectives on friendship and wellbeing. Here are some ideas: Maybe you have a special friend who helped you through a tough […]

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Mental wellbeing and journeys: what’s your story?

Life is a journey, or so they say. Probably more interestingly, it’s made up of lots of little journeys. So, our Community Correspondents have decided that the next Mind Waves theme is just that: journeys. We want to know about how that relates to your mental wellbeing. Here’s a few ideas to get you started, […]

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Emma, with pink hair

Bed, sleep, head: a sleep diary from @GoodladEmma

The first installment of a sleep diary from Community Correspondent Emma Goodlad Lately, due to a number of factors, my sleep routine, and ability to get out of bed has been all over the place.  Tiredness has been an issue for over a year now, with periods where due to mental illness, I feel constantly […]

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How does bed affect your wellbeing? Our next theme

It’s amazing that we spend about a third of our lives in bed (and often much more or less than that), but we don’t talk about it much. Our relationships with our beds is so strongly connected with our mental wellbeing. We want to hear your stories, experiences and opinions. Here are some ideas, but […]

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What makes you proud? Our theme for early 2015

If shame is the worst feeling in the world, pride has to be the best. In Scotland, we’re not often comfortable with expressing pride. We worry that we’ll come across as show-offs. Or that pride really does come before a fall and we’ll be brought down a peg or two. But it’s not about boasting […]

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