Our vote, our voice: support with voting for people with learning difficulties

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If I could say one thing about the lead up to the general election, it would be that there has been A LOT of information. But more information isn’t always better. In fact, it’s pretty easy to feel a bit lost when there is so much.

A few years ago, our friends at Outside the Box  @OTBCommunities worked with people with learning difficulties to create an information pack about elections. A lot of what it includes relates to the Scottish Parliament, but it is still very helpful for thinking about the general election. We found the  leaflet on voting to change things particularly helpful.

Of course, it’s not just useful for people with learning difficulties or disabilities. It’s often said that “if you get it right for people with learning disabilities, you get it right for everyone.

There are millions of people who will vote for the first time in this election.  Even those of us who have voted before could do with some straightforward guidance on things to think about before we mark an X in the box.

You can download the information pack from the Outside the Box Website. 


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