Our next blogging theme: friendship

feel-good friend

It’s when things get tough that you realise who your friends are.

There’s no doubt that our relationships have a massive impact on our mental wellbeing. We want to hear about your stories and perspectives on friendship and wellbeing. Here are some ideas:

  • Maybe you have a special friend who helped you through a tough time?
  • Is there a friend who makes you feel happier? Tell us about them.
  • Friends and social media: what’s the difference between a facebook friend and a real friend?
  • What have you learned from losing a friend?
  • Have you made friends in surprising circumstances?
  • Have you been reunited with a friend after many years?
  • Has your experience of mental ill health brought you closer to people?
  • How many friends do you want or need? Can you have too many friends?

We’re sure you will have loads of other ideas. As always, write about it, take a photo, make a video- whatever you want to do to give your perspective or story.

If you’d like to discuss your idea, contact Rosie or tweet us on @mindwaves1

Watch this space for more stories.


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