How does bed affect your wellbeing? Our next theme

what does bed have to do with mental wellbeing-
It’s amazing that we spend about a third of our lives in bed (and often much more or less than that), but we don’t talk about it much.

Our relationships with our beds is so strongly connected with our mental wellbeing. We want to hear your stories, experiences and opinions.
Here are some ideas, but I’m sure, as always, you will have many more that we’ve not thought of.
– Sleep. Lack of it? Too much of it? How does it affect how you feel?
– Your top tips for getting a good night’s sleep, or for dealing with it when you don’t
– Is your bed your sanctuary? What do you love about it?
– Are there days when getting out of bed feels like too much, or that you feel really proud for just managing to achieve that first big step?

– Sex and sexuality. How does what happens (or doesn’t happen?) between the sheets affect your mental wellbeing?

If you’d like to share a story, opinion, video, photo, cartoon, get in touch or tweet us @mindwaves1 
We’ll be publishing bed-related blogs for the next month or so. Watch this space.

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