Bed, sleep, head: a sleep diary from @GoodladEmma


The first installment of a sleep diary from Community Correspondent Emma Goodlad

Lately, due to a number of factors, my sleep routine, and ability to get out of bed has been all over the place.  Tiredness has been an issue for over a year now, with periods where due to mental illness, I feel constantly tired.

On most days just now my biggest achievement in the day is getting out of bed. It’s great when I manage to get in to work, but some days that is just too much of a challenge.  Thankfully I work in a wonderful organisation who are understanding and I can work from home (in my pyjamas obviously) when I have a day where it feels like too much to get to the office and be around people.

Mondays are awful, I particularly find a Monday hard and I really don’t know why – I still go to bed at the same time at the weekend, still wake up at the same time thanks to my dog (although we are a bit more lackadaisical about when we go on the first walk of the day), there’s very little difference except I’m not at work.  Recently though someone pointed out to me that at least everyone hates Mondays and I’m not alone in that, which is heartening when living with a condition that means I often feel alone.  

Don’t get me wrong, sleeping and being in bed has always been one of my favourite things. I’ve always been that person that looks forward to going to bed as soon as I’ve got up.  But lately, I’ve developed more of a love hate relationship with my bed – I don’t look forward to going to bed, because some nights I don’t allow myself to sleep for hours (even when I’m absolutely exhausted), getting out of bed is the hardest thing, most days it’s an internal battle that rages on for about 2 hours before I manage to leave, and really I would prefer to stay there, all curled up and cosy with the pooch at my feet, keeping the world at bay.

So, I’m going to keep a diary over the next few weeks and pay closer attention to my sleep/bed patterns, try and work out what works for me (and what doesn’t) and share it with you wonderful human beings.  

We’ll share Emma’s sleep diary over the next few weeks. If you’d like to say something about sleep, bed and mental wellbeing, tweet @mindwaves1 or submit your story here

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