Leaving friends behind for the sake of your mental wellbeing



Our Community Correspondent Marilena Balagianni gives her perspective on friendship and mental wellbeing

Friendship means the mutual liking and regard, the spiritual and emotional bond that connects two or more people. Trust, understanding , honesty, similar interests are essential components  of friendships.

Friendship is considered something sacred and a very important relationship for most humans. Since we were children we have been taught that friendship is not only essential but also something that lasts for life.

As we grow older, we realise this is only a myth. Friends are the family we actually chose to belong to but it is sometimes challenging to find a new family that will respects us and people who will be real friends to us. Most people have come across with someone that has proven to be a fake friend but at the end of the day it is us who chose to cling to this ‘friendship’ or move on.

As Oscar Wilde once said, ‘True friends stab you in the front’ and it is probably better to leave the ‘others’, who stab you in the back, behind. Do yourself a favour and don’t let people bring any toxicity into your life or make you feel that you are wasting your time on people who are not adding anything positive to your life.

The feeling that you let yourself down by your choices is the worst but you have to learn how to treat yourself with respect and move on. If you feel that you have a friend, with whom you have shared personal thoughts, secrets, significant moments, and that friend has disappointed you, believe me you are not alone!

However, as others before you, you need to take this person out of your life. There is no reason to have people in your life who belittle you, bring you down or project their nonsense on you. Take the decision, react with dignity and try not to lose your self-esteem as you don’t deserve this!

Now you know better after all, lesson learnt. So next time you should be more alert, more self-compassionate, stronger and more selective. And never let anyone who hurt you back in your life. Stay true to yourself and to your personal growth and don’t let anyone slow you down.

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