Highlights from 2023 – A festive round up!

As the end of the year approaches, we thought that we’d share some of Mind Waves’ highlights from 2023. 

1. At the beginning of the year, we designed a student mental health campaign for Think Positive. The campaign was called #HelpingStudentsThrive. We made an animation for them that you can watch here.

We also facilitated a series of sessions with students to ensure that the campaign was co-produced at every level. We do lots of digital consultancy work for other Third Sector organisations, and would love to hear from you if you have a project you need help with in the new year.

2. In February, we shared a series of podcast episodes focusing on the link between menopause and mental health. Here’s a link to our blog post with more information around the series. Mental health and menopause. 

And you can listen to our three podcast episodes here – Podcast episodes, menopause.

3. In April, we held a climate cafe led by Hilda from COPE Scotland. The aim of the event was to share resources and information around climate change whilst maintaining a positive outlook. Click here to read our blog post about the climate cafe.

4. From June to August, we ran a series of creative workshops funded by Healthy Minds anti-stigma fund. The workshops focused on many different areas of creative writing, podcasting and songwriting, and explored how to utilise these forms to tell stories about stigma. Here’s the blog post with more information about the events and funding.

5. And finally, we were able to squeeze in a couple of cultural trips this year at the GOMA. We were delighted to be invited to the Banksy Cut and Run exhibition in August  and the Beagles & Ramsey NHOTB and RAD exhibition in October. A big thank you to GOMA for inviting us to these exhibitions. We’ll definitely be back in 2024.

So there you have it! We’re really proud of the work we did this year, and it was hard to narrow the highlights down to just five. One of our biggest successes of the year has been our open mic events at the Dream Machine, but we thought we’d leave them off this list because we still have one more to go in January 2024. Hope to see you there.

We’ll be back with one more post at the end of the week, with some videos from our final open mic event of 2023, and then we’re signing off for the holidays. We hope everyone is enjoying the festive season and keeping warm and safe!

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