What about the old me?#newyearbeyou #growth

A post by our Project Assistant Marie. January has become so synonymous with punishment and pursuit that this beautiful statement of self acceptance from Edinburgh based writer Joanne Bell was a breath of fresh air to me . The concept of New Year, New You is actually pretty reductive – it suggests that our very […]

What have you achieved? Maybe a story, maybe a song #NewYearBeYou

A poem from our Community Correspondent John Dane The last ten years have gone so fast Now’s the time to look back at the past What have you achieved as you’re moving along? Maybe a story, maybe a song It’s good to let your feelings go Talk about good things or go to a show […]

New Year Be You: Welcome to our new Mind Waves series for January!

Our project assistant Marie introduces the new Mind Waves ‘mini-theme’ for January 2020. New Year’s resolutions sometimes get a bad rep and, indeed, they definitely have their trappings. We sometimes set unrealistic goals and then beat ourselves up for not achieving them. When it’s cold and dark outside, sticking to goals can be that bit […]

man looking at hills. Test says " not everything is about material gain. It's about living a good life as best you can and leaving the world in better shape than we found it."

What have you achieved this decade? It’s a cruel question

A post from our Community Correspondent Robert Terry It’s only a few weeks until the end of the decade and I’m told there’s a question doing the rounds on social media. What have you achieved in the last decade? It’s a cruel question designed to make you feel like a loser, a failure, if you’ve […]

‘Three holiday depression triggers and how to defeat them’ – some simple practical tips to help you cope this festive season

During the festive period we can feel under pressure from the weight of external expectations – as well as those we place on ourselves – to create the ‘perfect’ Christmas. This animation from Health Magazine contains some simple practical tips to help recognise and cope with the most likely triggers of depression over the holidays.

“Despite bipolar disorder, dreams really can come true” – our Community Correspondent Ann Marie answers ten questions for ten years

Thank you to Community Correspondent Ann Marie D’Arcy Sharpe for this encouraging and inspiring interview! 1. How are you? Living with bipolar disorder, there are always ups and downs and life is never easy, but I’m the most stable I’ve been for a long time and I’m happy. 2. How have you changed in the […]

“Some of the most positive changes for me have been the things that I’ve given up.” – Maureen reflects on a decade of experiences that have shaped her.

A beautiful post by Mind Waves Community Correspondent Maureen Gilmour as part of our ‘decade’ theme. A lot has changed for me in the last ten years. I don’t really think about life in terms of achievements. In fact, some of the most positive changes for me have been things that I’ve given up. Things […]

“When you understand the origin of anxiety, you own it” – Community Correspondent Robert shares his hopeful journey of managing the condition

A post from our Community Correspondent Robert Terry Recently I spoke to someone who can’t relax being home alone at night. They had even considered keeping a weapon in their bedroom because off-the-scale anxiety prevented a good night’s sleep. I found myself thinking OMG and WTF and offering a solution based on my own episodes […]