Why we have to let our children take risks @pmusttryharder

A film about our Community Correspondent Paula McGuire, by our Project Manager @rosiehopes As parents, it’s natural to want to protect our children. Paula McGuire was a quiet, timid child. Her parents loved her so much that they protected her from all the things she was afraid of… and it turned out that she was […]

Strange Land

A poem about Risk from our Community Correspondent Derek Read It was a strange initiation, into this other world, this dark and forbidden world of touch and, be touched and finding ourselves and “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” I can’t remember who touched first and on what occasion, the exploration of […]

SeeMe #Passthebadge Campaign

SeeMe has launched #PasstheBadge, a new digital campaign encouraging people to get talking about mental health. The charity has partnered with Scottish clothing company Abandon Ship and together they want to create a safe space online for people to talk about mental health and ask questions. To “Start Talking” about mental health SeeMe are asking […]

What does risk mean?

A post from our Community Correspondent Elizabeth Cassidy Risk means… … that you take a chance, a leap of faith to do something you haven’t done before. Like, for instance, going that extra mile or even just getting off the bus a stop early ( or a stop later). Try something that you’ve done done […]

6 Practical Self-Care Tips

Last week was NHS Self-Care week (Nov 13-19). We were encouraged to stop and take some time to think about our health and wellbeing. The NHS provided a bunch of great resources to help with things including losing weight, cutting down on alcohol, stopping smoking, and making most of your pharmacist. All these guides are […]

Meet our Community Correspondents: Elizabeth Cassidy

Where are you from? I live in the Commonwealth Village in the East End of Glasgow. Usain Bolt stayed in my house! Why are you interested in mental wellbeing? I have a son and a husband, that makes me want to have a future, in spite of my mental health problems. What makes you happy? […]

Risk Assessment – by Robert Terry

A new post from community correspondent Robert Terry on the theme of Risk. A sense of risk underestimated Risk ignoring your senses The risk of self-deception Risk always at large Minimise your risk of being alone What’s the risk of being happy Challenge taboos & risk ruination Risk upsetting the status quo Risk inciting the […]