Wild – a piece of life writing from Lynn

This week on the blog we have a short piece of writing from Lynn about swimming in the ocean. It’s about the shock of cold that wakes up your senses, sharing the wonders of life with someone you love and grabbing life with both hands. When asked what this piece was about, Lynn said  I […]

Thoughts on… change, mental health and self-care

This week on the blog we’re hearing from me! (Maddy) I’ve been working at Mind Waves since May 2021, and during that time, a lot of things have changed for me. Over the past year and a bit, I’ve graduated, started and finished a masters, facilitated my first series of creative writing workshops here at […]

It started with… A visual story from Carol

On Wednesday 3rd August, Mind Waves ran the final workshop from our four week creative non-fiction series, funded by GVCS Wellbeing Fund. We met face to face, over snacks and cups of tea, and tried some writing prompts. The afternoon was full of interesting chat about mental health, creative non-fiction and using personal writing to […]

A Chance for Change – New animation for the Scottish Recovery Network

We are happy to announce that, ‘A Chance for Change’, the newest animation we made for the Scottish Recovery Network, is available to watch now. The animation provides an overview of what you said you wanted from the new Scottish Government Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Watch the animation below For more information on the […]

Remembering Lorna Cosh, by Laura

This week on the blog, we have a heartfelt piece from our Community Correspondent, Laura. She has written a few words in memory of Lorna Cosh, a fellow Mind Waves Community Correspondent who recently passed away. Being a Mind Waves Community Correspondent is more than writing blogs. It’s meeting around a table, sharing insight, with […]

Resource: using our animations to run a discussion about mental health stigma

We’ve recently produced three animations about the stigma of living with serious long-term mental illness. People have told us that the animations have made them think, so we’ve produced an easy slideshow that you can use to get a group of people talking about stigma. There are lots of discussion points based around the three […]

Creative Writing and Mental Health

Mind Waves are currently running a series of weekly creative writing workshops on creative non-fiction and life writing. I thought that this week it would be interesting to take a look at the positive effects that creative writing – or any kind of creativity can have on mental health.  Ernest Hemingway said “Write hard and […]