Describe a place where you feel safe – Ruth’s response

We’re almost midway through our series of summer workshops, funded by Healthy Minds anti-stigma fund. If you would like to learn more about the workshops, including information on how to sign up (it’s not too late!) then click here. This week on the blog, we’re sharing a response to a creative writing prompt from one […]

Sharing a creative writing prompt from our summer workshop series!

Our summer workshops have begun! (If you missed our post on this, click here to read all about our summer workshop series, funded by Healthy Minds anti-stigma fund) The first workshop was on Monday, and we talked about creative non-fiction, the emotional weight of writing about the self, escapism and comfort in fiction, and lots […]

Breathing and anxiety – words from Hilda

  This week on the blog we’re continuing with our content theme of anxiety. Hilda Campbell from COPE Scotland sent us a great post that utilises the prompt in a great way; by exploring the complex nature of anxiety, describing a variety of causes of anxious feelings, and providing some resources from COPE Scotland that […]

New summer workshops! Funded by Healthy Minds anti-stigma fund

We’re excited to announce that this summer Mind Waves is running a series of free creative workshops around stigma. These workshops are open to people who live with both mental and physical health problems and are funded by the NHS Healthy Minds anti-stigma fund. The sessions will be facilitated and led by Madeline Docherty and […]

Co-production for anxiety – Matt’s thoughts

We asked our community correspondents to write posts responding to the theme of anxiety. This week, we’re happy to share Matt’s thoughts on community support, co-production and anxiety.  Last week (Monday 15th May – Sunday 21st May) was Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme was anxiety. Anxiety is a potential issue and sometimes […]

Call for submissions! Content theme: Anxiety

It’s Mental Health Awareness week from Monday May 15th to Sunday May 21st, and this years theme is anxiety. We thought we’d put out a call for submissions to our audience and community correspondents for blog posts and resources around anxiety.  Anxiety is a feeling that everyone will experience at some point in their lives, […]

Mindfulness resources from COPE Scotland

This week on the blog we’re sharing some links to some mindfulness resources from COPE Scotland. At our climate cafe last month, Hilda led the group in a few mindfulness exercises before the session, and they were really useful in making everyone feel grounded and calm before the cafe. Mind Waves reached out to Hilda […]

Listen to our podcast episode: Menopause and mental health, part 3, Helen

This week, we’re sharing and summarising the final podcast episode in our series on menopause and mental health. Rosie speaks to author and researcher, Helen, about menopause, trauma and neurodiversity.  This episode is a really interesting listen. Helen and Rosie touch on a lot of important subjects during their conversation, including but not limited to: […]