I’ve lost so much, but I feel grateful for what I do have. It amazes me.

An anonymous post from one of our Community Correspondents as part of our ‘decade’ theme.

The last decade has been hard for me. Ten years ago I didn’t even know that I had everything I needed. But I’ve lost so much of it since then.

Six years ago, life felt completely impossible. But time has given me the answer.

I’ve connected with other people, through Mind Waves and other groups. I hear them talk about their stories. I hear that they’ve had similar issues.

I’ve learned from other people, the best ways to deal with these feelings. I listen to music, I connect with people.

My health has got much worse, my situation is difficult. But I’m learning to deal with it. I’m more able to open up about my emotions and at the same time I’m more able to feel like I’m in control of them.

I feel grateful for what I do have. I’m still alive. I feel powerful that I can deal with such difficult things. It amazes me.

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