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Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Me

Since I was three CPTSD has truly affected me. Battling judgement, public shaming, whispers behind my back and not allowing me to see. Would truly trigger the suicide idealisation often in me. Out of the three definitely judging is the worst for me ,all stemming from my family tree. Words tripping out your mouth and […]

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I’m proud to speak out against stigma

A post from our Community Correspondent Holly McCormack @hollz2012 , who edits Mental Matters magazine I’ve been proud of many decisions that I’ve made in the last few years. It was important to me whilst at University to start doing something meaningful. Not just standing at a Saturday afternoon press conference, speaking to yet another […]

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The platter of pride

At our Mind Waves Community Correspondent meeting on Friday, we talked about what makes us proud. We each wrote what makes us proud on a post-it and an empty sandwich plate seemed as good a place as any to collect them in. What a beautiful accident that we ended up with a silver platter of […]

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You got out of bed, be proud of that

Comic strip from our Community Correspondent Emma Wilson @offwhitecoat This month, we’re asking what makes you proud. We’ve had some amazing contributions already- I thought we’d kick things off with this amazing cartoon strip from Emma Wilson who blogs over at www.offwhitecoat.co.uk . We are so glad she’s decided to get involved with Mind Waves and […]

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What makes you proud? Our theme for early 2015

If shame is the worst feeling in the world, pride has to be the best. In Scotland, we’re not often comfortable with expressing pride. We worry that we’ll come across as show-offs. Or that pride really does come before a fall and we’ll be brought down a peg or two. But it’s not about boasting […]

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