Mindfulness resources from COPE Scotland

This week on the blog we’re sharing some links to some mindfulness resources from COPE Scotland. At our climate cafe last month, Hilda led the group in a few mindfulness exercises before the session, and they were really useful in making everyone feel grounded and calm before the cafe.

Mind Waves reached out to Hilda for some more resources on mindfulness, and boy did she deliver! We thought we’d share them all here, to create an easy one stop shop for mindfulness here on the MW website. We hope you can revisit this post whenever you need some help in being mindful.

Click here for a 5 minute audio exercise about being mindful in the moment – Learning to hit the pause button.

Click here for a 3 minute video about using your senses to relax.

Click here for a pamphlet produced by COPE about living meaningfully

Click here for a pamphlet that outlines some beginner tips for mindfulness.

The Free Mindfulness Project is a great website that shares free mindfulness exercises – click here to view their free resources.

Thanks so much to COPE Scotland for sharing these resources with us! Please get in touch and let us know if you enjoyed this post and would be interested in attending any future MW events about mindfulness! Email us at maddy@mindwavesnews.com, send us a tweet @mindwaves1 or message us on Instagram at mindwaves_scot

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