Join Mindwaves for a mindfulness and storytelling workshop on Thursday 12th July

We are delighted to be hosting this free workshop which takes place in Glasgow on Thursday 12th July from 1.30-4.30pm . It is open to anyone who has an interest in mental health, whether you have lived experience, you are a carer or your work is related to wellbeing.

The session will be an opportunity to reflect on your own wellbeing journey, develop a more compassionate relationship with yourself and learn some new wellbeing techniques. We will use mindfulness to inform storytelling through creative writing and arts and crafts. Together we will explore the following areas:

• Understanding Stress and Anxiety – we will learn how stress and anxiety affects the body and mind, how we recognise signs of stress in our own body and what our responses to stress are

• Wellbeing techniques – we will have a chance to try out some mindfulness games, a relaxing meditation and some gentle body work so we can respond to ourselves in a more compassionate way

• Storytelling – we will hear some personal stories about mental health and have the opportunity to explore our own story through some reflective and creative writing

• Getting Creative – we will use arts and crafts and to look at our new wellbeing story for the future

The session will be led by Louise Irvine. Louise is a practising Buddhist and a trained mindfulness and meditation teacher from Glasgow. She has personal lived experience of mental health herself and feels passionate about the power of storytelling and wellbeing practices to help both herself and others stay well.

We would love you to join us. For full details and to book your free space, follow the link to our Eventbrite page:

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