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bird with message "become like a bird, spread your wings, learn new things and fly as high as you can"

Become like a bird, expand your wings

There’s nothing like learning something new to make you feel like you can conquer the world. We were sent this inspirational message by one of Glasgow Association for Mental Health’s co-trainers. She has just passed her driving test and wants the world to know how good she feels.  Here’s her message for 2015: Become like […]

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Heading for Success!

For many people football is just merely a sport. A passionate one at that, but still no more than a hobby. However for some people the effects of football can be life changing. This is something that has been picked up by the managers at Carr Gomm. Kevin Fullerton and Derek Black have seen the […]

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Singing For the Brain

Positive mental wellbeing is important for everyone.  One group of people who often have poorer mental wellbeing is those affected by dementia.  The condition can be hard for both people who have dementia and for their carers.  But one way to improve people’s wellbeing is singing, as Singing for the Brain Renfrewshire can attest. Occupational […]

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