I will never forget my first time singing in public

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A post from one of our Mind Waves Community Correspondents

For years I had a dream that I could sing for my beloved Prophet in such a way that I could feel it coming from my heart and leaving an everlasting impression on the hearts of the listeners.

Recently, my dream came true…

I was aware from childhood that I had a good voice and used to sing when no one was there, but I was never confident to sing in front of people. As I grew up my love for God and His prophet grew up too and so did my urge to sing and express my love. Recently I went to a religious gathering and felt it’s the right time and right place (comfortable and friendly atmosphere). It took some effort, practice and determination to take the plunge.

Finally that day came when for the first time in my life I was able to sing in front of thirty to forty people. I will never forget my first time singing. When I sing my heart melts with thewarmth of love, tears flow from my eyes and I am overwhelmed by feelings of love.

I believe the listeners also feel the depth of my love that can be heard in my voice.

“I achieved my dream, you can too.”

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