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Why people with mental illness should vote in #indyref – It’s about time we came out of our shell and had a voice

Mind Waves is about giving people a voice. We want to hear what people have to say about mental health and wellbeing, but importantly, we also want to to know what people with lived experience of mental illness have to say about other things. Our Community Correspondent Peter Leckie is passionate about encouraging people to […]

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Meet our Community Correspondents: Jane Chisholm

Where are you from? I’m from the South side of Glasgow. Why are you interested in mental wellbeing? I’m a member of the Glasgow Association for Mental Health as I have suffered from depression and anxiety for many years, as many of my ancestors before me did. What can we expect from your blogs? People […]

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Meet our Community Correspondents: Edward Davies

Where are you from? I’m based in Glasgow, but from Aberdeen Why do you care about mental health and wellbeing?  Mental wellbeing is an issue close to me which I have witnessed and experienced first hand. It is something that has been misunderstood and looked down on for too long. What can we expect from […]

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Resilience is not “looking on the bright side”; it’s telling our demons to take a hike

Our Community Correspondent Edward Davies explains what resilience means to him They say resistance is useless. But there is a stark difference between resistance and the strong resilience within us. That shield, that potion of resilience which can drag us out of the deepest darkest hole, is the most difficult one to concoct. I believe […]

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