Resilience is not “looking on the bright side”; it’s telling our demons to take a hike

Our Community Correspondent Edward Davies explains what resilience means to him

They say resistance is useless. But there is a stark difference between resistance and the strong resilience within us. That shield, that potion of resilience which can drag us out of the deepest darkest hole, is the most difficult one to concoct.

I believe that I have found my own resilience to all of life’s sieges. But sometimes, resilience can be too difficult. Why should I try and resist and recover, like everyone tells me to? Why should I man up and face the music when I just don’t care?

Emotion is the most horribly heavy baggage of all. I can often let emotion consume me. Sometimes being resilient and strong to my vulnerable and weak mind can be too much of a strain. Sometimes, I don’t care what everyone thinks of my weakness. I can be weak if I choose it.

Resilience is not the ability to ignore your problems and try and ‘look on the bright side’. It is the way which we desperately try and suppress our demons and shadows and tell them to go take a hike. It is our own unique method of finding our way out of the dark. External support is of course crucial, and words from the tongues of others can offer a fresh input. But true resilience comes from within, and let me tell you – finding it and not letting it go is one of the hardest tasks of all.

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