Night & Day in London

Reflecting on the events surrounding his attendance of ‘The Technology 4 Good Awards’ in London, Kevin Gallagher wrote this hoping it showed an ear for radio. Night. Hunger drove me out of my hotel room following the Technology 4 Good Awards. Also the desire to photograph the newly opened Shard at night and the hope […]

Discoveries in Uncharted Territory

The beginning of July was a busy time for Professor Stephen Hawking.  On Wednesday 4th July, he was losing a $100 bet with the announced discovery of the Higgs boson sub-atomic particle.  On Friday the 6th, he was in receipt of the AbilityNet special award for accessibility as part of the Technology for Good event in […]

Beacon of Hope For Glasgow

The symbolic nature of The Olympic Torch Relay is certain, but symbolizing what? When it passed through Glasgow on June 8th there was definitely a hunger for some meaning to the event – the hope of re-igniting community pride and inclusiveness perhaps? There was an understandable amount of healthy skepticism around on day 21 (of […]

A Personal Story on Recovery

The Scottish Recovery Network has just produced more materials to promote the message of recovery for people who have mental health problems.  They have also published some interesting pieces on the use of compulsory treatment. This is my personal experience of recovery – of living with serious mental health problems.  I am describing it here […]

Things To Come

Theatre Nemo has just published an impressive collection of comic book art from inmates of Barlinnie Prison dealing directly with their mental health and addiction experiences. ‘O’er The Wall’ is available free direct from Theatre Nemo. The messages are honestly told and resonate like the best of underground comics. Keep checking the blog for a […]

Reaction to the Award nomination

The nomination for Technology 4 Good award is a success in itself.  9 months after going live, we have managed to gain unforeseen recognition. Each and every person connected to the project deserves a big pat in the back for their efforts.  Can we go one step further?  That would be a dream come true […]