What would make NHS mental health care in Scotland better?


If you have used NHS mental health services, you will have an opinion on what’s working- and what’s not.

This Friday, July 31, the Liberal Democrat MSP Liam Hume is hosting a mental health summit at the Scottish Parliament.  It’s a chance for staff and people who have used NHS services to have their say and kick off the debate around what needs to happen next.

Our stigma-fighting friends at See Me will be attending and they want to tell the summit your views.  They have four key questions:

What are the main challenges in improving mental health provision in the NHS?

How can social care and health care be integrated to improve mental health services?

Is current mental health legislation good enough to address the challenges faced by the mental health services?

What needs to change to improve patient access to mental health services?

If you have answers to any of these questions, send them to info@seemescotland.org

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