Mind Waves – good news!

We are all really excited about the news that we are nominated for a Technology 4 Good Award!  Along with Brighton Free Radio and Harringay Online, Mind Waves is a finalist in the Community News Award category.  There are many unique, innovative and interesting projects up for nomination and we look forward to learning more […]

You’d be surprised at the things we don’t know about brain injuries

Professor Tom McMillan, part of the team that trains psychologists at the University of Glasgow, has some surprises to reveal if you ask him about acquired brain injury (ABI). Mind Waves attended an ABI Seminar at Ceartas Advocacy’s headquarters in Kirkintilloch last week where Professor McMillan was presenting, and although there is some fantastic work […]

What Being a Community Reporter Means to Me

For me being a Community Reporter is about saying goodbye to my comfort zone – but in a good way. I’ve always been a slow writer, almost dyslexic, to an extent that early reports labeled me below average intelligence. It took me many years to shake-off an unjust reputation. For years I had an abusive […]

Disability Alliance Praised in Scottish Parliament

Community Reporter, Kevin Gallagher followed-up the Long Term Conditions Alliance (now Alliance) conference with a visit to Hollyrood for a reception titled ‘My Skills, My Strengths, My Right to Work’. One of the highest profile issues of the moment for people with lived experience of mental health conditions is self-management or self-directed support.It’s a subject […]

Ahead of the Game

Head injuries and mental illness are often inextricably linked. For some, dealing with a brain injury can not just be physically debilitating but also mentally challenging. This is something that Headway has recognised and they hope to provide the required support for those who may be suffering from a mental illness. Depression is the most […]

Being a Community Reporter

Working with the Mind Waves project as a community reporter is an experience I really enjoy. At the moment I’m unemployed so it’s important for me to build constructive, regular activities into my week. One of those is Mind Waves and I’m grateful that I was given the opportunity to join the initiative. The media […]

Bee Keeping

Community Reporter, Kevin Gallagher tries his best to avoid using any obvious puns; Sherlock Holmes, Aristotle, Sir Edmund Hillary, Maria von Trapp, Ronnie Corbett and Scarlett Johansson – what’s the connection? They are or were all beekeepers. Bee Mastery has found a new place in the public consciousness due to media coverage of Colony Collapse […]

Flourish House

Many businesses and community projects could learn useful lessons from the example of Flourish House. If the public has any conception of what is involved in a clubhouse, it usually is of a drop-in centre where members do as much or as little as they like. For those not aware the clubhouse model, it is […]