Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival

The Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival is one of Scotland’s most diverse cultural events, covering everything from music, film and visual art to theatre, dance, and literature. The annual festival will take place in venues across Scotland throughout October 2013, aiming to support the arts and challenge preconceived ideas about mental health. The […]

Happy Landings!

The Inverclyde Globetrotter’s Mission Lunar Trek Accomplished! At 21.36 Greenock Mean Time on Friday 13 September 2013, 2 years and 13 days after it was launched and thanks to the help of 100 individuals and groups from all over Scotland our Lunar Trek module, ig1, sponsored by Scotland’s Health Charity, Chest Heart & Stoke Scotland, […]

Photo and film competition

Do you like taking photos and videos of family and friends with all the generations and ages together? Then this could be the competition for you.  An organisation called Generations Working Together is looking for compelling, and emotionally engaging photographs and videos taken by amateur photographers and filmmakers that clearly show different generations working together. […]

Cutting the Pink Ribbon – a personal account of self harm, depression and family trauma

This August, Nicki Paton a young woman from Wishaw has had her book “Cutting the Pink Ribbon” published by the American publisher Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly.  The book is an account of her experience of living with depression, supporting her mother during cancer treatment and using self harm as a coping strategy. Nicki wrote […]

Inspiring each other

Good ideas can lead to other good ideas. A few years ago people in Glasgow were looking for ways to increase community-based options for women who had mental health problems around the time of having a baby but who did not need specialist support. This resulted in a project with mums in 4 different areas, […]

Big Dreams, Small Steps

How do people with mental health problems get support that works for them and helps them achieve what they want in their lives? Personalisation and Self-directed support are getting talked about more for people with mental health problems. Personalisation is about delivering the care, however that is organised and chosen.  This is what should be […]


I’ve been asked to write a play for a women’s conference whose proceeds will go to a campaign against human trafficking, and it has to be around the theme of worth. For about four months I’ve been reading and researching. But now the time has come to stop digging the foundations and start building – […]

Summer time, tennis and wellbeing

SUMMER time is upon us and its time to serve your way into boosting your mental wellbeing.  As soon as the sun starts to shine in Scotland there is a massive flux to the beaches, the jackets stay off and we all generally feel that little bit better about ourselves. Sunshine is of course no […]