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“School isn’t for everyone” – Iona on choosing her own path to happiness as a young apprentice #BestDecision

An inspiring post by Iona Brownell, one of our previous workshop participants. I left school last year and went into an apprenticeship. The ‘normal’ step after completing school is college or university. I felt that neither of these options were for me. I think gaining experience is just as important as receiving the certificate. I […]

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I laughed and cried the whole way through – the books which have helped our mental health #NationalReadingDay

A post for National Reading Day 2020. A while back, we asked, “Which books are good for your mental health?”. The passionate responses from our volunteer Community Correspondents and followers definitely made us want to clear some space on our bookshelves! Any book helps me with mental health, not one specifically – Ann-Marie D’Arcy Sharpe, […]

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Thinking about returning returning to education this year? @fuzzypeachgirl shares some advice and inspiration #ageandwellbeing #careersweek

A post by our Project Assistant Marie who started a full-time college course on her 36th birthday. You might be the oldest person there…but it’s ok! My main concern about returning to college was age. I worried about feeling isolated and sticking out like a sore thumb. As I’m studying in the creative arts I […]

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“I’ve had bad experiences, but I wouldn’t go back and try to change them”- Maureen reflects on age and wellbeing

Our Community Correspondents recently interviewed each other as part of our age and wellbeing theme. Today we share Maureen’s reflections. Do you know what? I’ve had some bad experiences, but I wouldn’t go back and try to change them. You can’t change the past. As I’ve got older I’ve learned a lot. That’s mostly good, […]

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bird with message "become like a bird, spread your wings, learn new things and fly as high as you can"

Become like a bird, expand your wings

There’s nothing like learning something new to make you feel like you can conquer the world. We were sent this inspirational message by one of Glasgow Association for Mental Health’s co-trainers. She has just passed her driving test and wants the world to know how good she feels.  Here’s her message for 2015: Become like […]

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