My Dad: a heartwarming post from @hippychick1987

A post from our Community Correspondent Ann Marie Sharpe @hippychick1987

My dad is an amazing person: He is so intelligent, hard working, caring, kind, generous and loving. Although we don’t make small talk a lot, he has always been there to talk to and support me when its important, and I know he always will be. No matter how hard things were for me, or whether he understood my actions and decisions, or agreed with them, he has always loved and supported me unconditionally.

He is a quiet man but he speaks his love in his actions, so that those around him never doubt how much they are valued and loved. He remains strong, even through some extremely difficult times.

He was the first man I ever loved, and has set the yard stick for me to measure all me relationships with men against. From him I learnt how a man should treat women, and how a father and husband should act. Because of that I have found my husband and the love of my life, who posses a lot of the same qualities as my dad, and is also a truly genuine man who makes me extremely happy.

From my dad I learnt how to be strong and determined, even when situations are difficult. From him I learnt the value of hard work, and to work hard at no matter what you are doing: because of that I never give up against the challenges that have faced me. From him I have learnt how to be responsible, and accountable. From him I learnt the value of learning, and enjoying education, and especially the value of reading!

From him I have learnt how to value those around me, and to value what I have in life. From him I have learnt that even though I find it hard to talk about my feelings, that I can do when it matters, and that I can be brave.
I have always admired and looked up to him, and always will. I will always be his little girl, and I am so proud to have him as my dad.

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