‘Week Four in Lockdown’ – A poem by Angela McCrimmon

In a recent poem for Mind Waves, mental health activist and writer Angela McCrimmon explored practical ways of coping with the challenges of social distancing. Today, she uses her writing to share her struggles with anxiety and low mood as lockdown continues.

Week 4 in Lockdown – the most challenging yet,

I heard myself scream, “Is it not over yet???”

I haven’t a clue where my time was spent,

But my get up and go just got up and went!

So many plans I didn’t fulful,

Procrastination my greatest skill,

The “to do” list I wrote remains undone,

I avoided the world and everyone!

Anxiety hit hard with no reason why,

Distraction tecniques I just couldn’t try,

Irrational thoughts, frozen in fear,

Learning that this could go on all year.

Determined I must not lose my mind,

I got myself a “Therapist” online,

Video chat, just checking in,

Jounal exploring my feelings within.

I’m usually quite happy being alone,

But it’s just not the same on the telephone,

Family far and friends out of reach,

Lockdown has certainly some lessons to teach.

A new week ahead so I’m turning the page,

Signed up for lots and I plan to engage,

I’m feeling better as we enter week 5,

I may be “locked down” but thank God I’m alive!

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