Tips for Building More Activity Into Your Life


Community correspondent Pete offers some tips for making fitness fun.

A few things help me deal with depression and anxiety. Meds, talking, eating well (mostly), and some form of exercise. I usually have to do some combination of, or all of them to really feel like I’m keeping on top of things. The thing I struggle to keep on top of though is exercise.

Experts say that exercise helps to boost your mental wellbeing. You don’t have to be hitting the gym every second day, or cycling tens of miles each weekend. A 15 minute walk per day can really make a difference by helping you to clear your mind.

Like many good habits, exercise is always easy to get into, or stay on top of when you’ve begun. But, as it’s the time of the year for resolutions I thought I’d share a few tips for starting out getting active.

Do Something You Enjoy

If you dislike jogging (as I do) then don’t make a commitment to start jogging miles per week. You probably wont stick to it and are likely to beat yourself up for it. Walking is a great place to start. Simply being outside in a lovely green space can totally give you a boost, and Glasgow has many green spaces to explore.

Make it Easy for Yourself

Decided to go for a half hour walk or ten minute jog in the morning? Lay out your trainers, trackie trousers, and water bottle in the morning so it’s ready for you when you get up.

Don’t Aim to be Perfect

Perfection isn’t what it’s about. You don’t have to strive for perfection or to be the best. You just have to do it, get out there and clear your head. The more you remind yourself that this is for you the easier it will be to enjoy and maintain the habit.

Make it Social

I think exercise is most enjoyable when you’re doing it with a pal. Go for a walk with your pal every Sunday morning, or if you’re feeling fruity convince a friend to take up badminton with you and head along to one of the Glasgow Life clubs.

Take it Slow

This isn’t a race (or a marathon), exercise should be about you and what makes you feel good. I have never exercised to compete, I do it for me and I try not to put any pressure on myself to be amazing at something quickly. If you decide to do something then go at your own pace.

I hope my tips offer some encouragement. I’ve always found it hard to push myself into a new activity but reminding myself of the points above certainly help.

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