Pet Therapy

Something I’ve often felt shame about is my teeth. From the slightly crooked childhood teeth to the train track metal brace and the playground teasing. Which left me often feeling sad.  Until they’re off and I’m a teenager .

Then, wow! Compliments on how great my teeth look, so straight and white. I was always a smiler but after the braces came off I became a beamer kind of girl. I had a smile that I loved to share. Then the depression and anxiety took over in recent years. The toothbrush became redundant. I still don’t understand why.

Even singing the song “Brush, Brush” and showing in hand action the motion of brushing couldn’t kick start it.
You’re saying why this title? Well, I adopted Bounce my gorgeous handsome boy just over a year ago. He is a 9 year old Jack Russell, father to Fidget my little 4 year old girl. Fidget has always had full and thorough dental maintenance from myself. I spent the past year trying to get Bounces’ teeth the same.

Well, Bounce was checked in on Tuesday morning for a full dental examination under aesthetic. Me the anxious Mum used all my anti-anxiety tools – mindfulness, colouring in, reading – just to try not to over worry. I reflected on the example of mother/child example setting – yes my dogs are my wee hairy bairns.

He had to have 10 teeth removed but he’s doing great. With his toxic teeth gone, I picked up my toothbrush and brushed. So I’m going to lead by example and conquer whatever irrational fear of my teeth that has developed and get past it. Not to dwell but take action and keep on smiling along with the Hairy Bairns!

Sing with Me Brush,Brush,Brush!


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  1. Marilena February 20, 2018 at 1:59 pm #

    brush your teeth, your tongue and don’t forget to floss too!:) I say this to hear it myself too!


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