“I’ve had bad experiences, but I wouldn’t go back and try to change them”- Maureen reflects on age and wellbeing

Our Community Correspondents recently interviewed each other as part of our age and wellbeing theme. Today we share Maureen’s reflections. Do you know what? I’ve had some bad experiences, but I wouldn’t go back and try to change them. You can’t change the past. As I’ve got older I’ve learned a lot. That’s mostly good, […]

“Don’t let stuff get you down, get back up again” – a short animation by members of GAMH Young Carers on managing mental wellbeing

Our current Mind Waves theme is age and wellbeing and we were recently very lucky to work in partnership with GAMH Young Carers group. The young people spent some time exploring the things in life which help them to manage their mental health. We supported them to take the lead on making some animations to […]

“Through trial and error I have finally learned what I need to do to maintain my wellness” – Angela on how self management has changed with age.

We are delighted to present the first post in our Age and Wellbeing series from writer and mental health activist, Angela McCrimmon. How has changing age affected my mental wellbeing?……..Getting older is a privilege denied to many and there have been a few times in my life when I didn’t think or even want it […]

Introducing our new Mind Waves theme – do you have something to say about ‘age and wellbeing’?

Recently our Community Correspondents interviewed each other about what their 16 year old self would tell them now. Our conversations brought up so many interesting ideas and questions that we have decided on age and wellbeing for our new Mind Waves theme. Age, and attitudes towards it, can hugely influence how we feel about ourselves. […]

Two free training opportunities from Mind Waves this February!

Great news! We’ve set dates for our next free skills workshops. These are open to anyone who has something to say about mental health and wellbeing, whether you have lived experience, you’re a carer, or it’s part of your job or volunteer role. The sessions are informal, accessible and we’ll even have some snacks. It’s […]

‘Your worth cannot be measured in pounds, inches or size labels’ – @FuzzyPeachGirl explores the true cost of body shaming

Broadcaster and actor Jameela Jamil recently called out multi-national cosmetics brand Avon on their new advert targeted at women. The tag line read “Dimples are cute on your face (not on your thighs)”. The company soon apologised and withdrew the ad, saying they had “missed the mark”. It was a small victory, highlighting a much […]

“You’re not being unambitious. You’re doing what you’re meant to do in winter – staying warm, taking stock, resting” – why January is a joy for @verbisan

A guest post by Lynn Blair, a Glasgow-based lecturer and writer who home-educates four girls. She has been published in numerous anthologies by the Scottish Book Trust and Mother’s Milk books. You can follow her on Twitter @verbisan and Instagram @verbisanpix. At about 3am, once everyone else has gone to bed, when the bubbles have […]