We are Mind Waves – an introduction

Welcome to Mind Waves! Today we are simply sharing a little introduction to what we do.

We are Mind Waves , a small peer-led Glasgow based charity with a big imagination and even bigger heart! We use creative arts and digital storytelling to share experiences and insights into mental health and wellbeing.

Mind Waves is led by our fantastic network of volunteer Community Correspondents who shape the focus of our work, from the blog content we share to the creative workshops and events we offer.  All of our volunteers have lived experience of mental ill health and feel passionately about the power of storytelling for their own wellbeing and to challenge stigma around mental illness.

We offer the following:

  • A mental health blog lead by our Community Correspondents and which anyone with an interest in mental health can contribute to (and our podcast too which is in the process of a glow up!)
  • A range of FREE creative skills workshops and informal meet-ups throughout the year including song-writing, creative writing and podcasting to name a few
  • Longer courses and projects when funding allows!

This quote from Vivian, one of our long standing Community Correspondents really sums up our approach – creativity makes us come together no matter our background.

After 12 years of Mind Waves we are extremely grateful to have such a vibrant network of volunteers, inspiring activities and a wonderful network of partner organisations across the not-for-profit sector.  Thank you to everyone who continues to support us!

If you would like to contribute something to the Mind Waves blog or be kept up to date with upcoming activities and events please get in touch with marie@mindwavesnews.com .  We’d love to hear from you!

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