Learning The Lessons From London

The Technology 4 Good Awards in London Friday the 6th of July clearly set the future direction for Mindwaves. I came away from this event with a mixture of optimism and trepidation for the future, although we didn’t win in our category of Community News. It was wonderful to have been nominated for an award during our first year.Congratulations go to RadioFreeBrighton who deserved their win for the enthusiasm they displayed on the day – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjxHx5T2z_s&feature=plcp

Since 2010 RadioFreeBrighton has run a professional wide-ranging community service on an entirely voluntary basis. Their 24 hour radio station is listened to around the world via the link on the high quality website that covers important issues globally and on a local basis. They have offered to assist us in our efforts and there is a lot we can learn from them. The representatives at the event showed a level of commitment and energy that inspired me to consider what improvements in services we can provide.

It might sound harsh or self-denigrating but this could well be the result we actually needed, at this stage in our development – there is a definite sense of natural progression in the work we have done. We just have to consolidate our skills and get more ambitious to justify future award nominations.Mindwaves Community Reporters have learned a lot from our experience at The Technology 4 Good Awards. We have achieved a lot in our first year, we still have a lot to learn and should grab any help offered.

Travelling to London for the award ceremony was worthwhile. Community Reporter, Roy Hunter, provided a great piece to camera promoting the work of Mindwaves. This can be viewed on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SI7M4MuFXk

We made friendly contacts amongst the winners who can provide advice, comments and information exchange. The doors are open for us to provide and receive guest articles. We need to follow-up on our existing contacts to learn from their experience and expertise.

As a group we have to increase our support for each other and mentor new talent joining the community reporters. We have a great amount of talent already – we have the technology to increase our photographic, video and audio output beyond the current newsblog. Together with the great work we currently do we will stand a better chance of taking a prize at the Technology 4 Good Awards next time.

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