“I can spend time chatting with smaller groups of people whilst also having the opportunity for quality time on my own” – Kenny finds the perfect balance at Wauchope Community Garden

Today we present the last in our series of guest blogs from leading health and social care charity, Carr Gomm as part of our ‘connections’ theme. Thank you to Kenny for sharing his story, showing how getting involved in a simple activity can have a knock on effect on all areas of our lives.

The Wauchope Community Garden in Craigmillar is helping combat social isolation and loneliness by providing people with a relaxing and peaceful outdoor space where they can meet others and get to grips with gardening.

Here Kenny, a former labourer and bricklayer, from Craigmillar tells us what a positive effect this community project has had on his life:

“Since being introduced to Wauchope Community Garden by Karin, our community project worker, my daily routine couldn’t have been more different.

“Before, I would spend a lot of time sitting alone at home, drinkingout of boredom. Now, I’m getting outside on a daily basis, which has reduced the amount I drink allowing me to save money.

“I’ve also found that I really enjoy gardening. Apart from anything else, it gives me a chance to exercise. The garden has been hugely positive not only for my physical health but also for my mental health.

“I’ve never felt comfortable in big groups, which is probably why I’ve shied away from projects like this in the past.

“The garden suits me perfectly because I can spend time chatting with smaller groups of people whilst also having the opportunity for quality time on my own. I love watching the birds and taking time to tend the garden.

“I only wish I knew about the community garden sooner! I’d recommend it to anyone!”

Wauchope Community Garden is funded by Carr Gomm’s community development programme.

Many thanks to Kenny, Greg and CJ for sharing their stories with us over the past three weeks. It has really shown that connecting with others can take many different forms. The way they have embraced opportunities and taken responsibility within the community gardens is truly inspiring! We hope their stories have encouraged you to find out more about and support Team Carr Gomm, an ambitious campaign which aims to address loneliness and isolation in Scotland.

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